Releasedate, first edition: October 1st, 2003 (Einnicken Records)
Releasedate, second edition: June 1st, 2005

Produced by Joakim Simonsson
Executive producer: M. Mori
Engineered by Daniel Carlsson
Mixed by Daniel Carlsson
Mastered by Josef Simo

Art direction by Joakim Simonsson

01. Thank You (4:05)
02. My old school (7:27)
03. Colours (5:59)
04. Peace (5:58)
05. Av vemod (9:48)
06. Av längtan, av glädje (3:19)
07. Sunday the 14th (7:02)
08. Bye bye (see you tomorrow) (5:41)

All compositions by Joakim Simonsson,
except "Sunday the 14th" by Saga.

3.5 stars
(Ave. rating: 3.5
from 8 votes.)

Open Trio
# FYR002

The re-release of Färger gave, not only Joakim Simonsson, Daniel Olsson and Pär-Ola Landin the opportunity to once again, and this time in a wider range, share their music to the world outside Scandinavia. It also gave Found You Recordings the oportunity to open a co-operation with Saga's former record company, Einnicken Records. Together we were able to make a second edition of Saga's album, Färger (eng. Colors).

Joakim Simonss - piano
Pär-Ola Landin - double bass
Daniel Olsson - drums

"Saga is simply a superb jazz trio, which with its musical interplay in front, manages to form Simonsson's vary compositions to a fine composite whole."

- Eskilstuna Kuriren

"Saga creates their music on a very Nordic musical foundation with an essential ingredient of improvisation, which sometimes rolls over to freeform jazz. But it's most of all very poetic, sometimes breathlessly beautiful but neither ingratiating nor saccharine...This is a very exciting debut album."

- Nerikes Allehanda

"If Saga continue to produce jazz of such emotional depth, exhilarating freedom, and memorable melodicism as they do on Färger, they certainly will be seeing me and, I suspect, many of you, tomorrow."

- All About Jazz

"Joakim Simonsson has a very distinct touch in his playing which sometimes reminds you of a master like Paul Bley. ...There's a rare sound and warmth in this trio. The different shapes of the music make it all a real listener adventure."

- Jazz Life

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