Releasedate: October 14th, 2008

Produced by Krokodil
Executive producer: Joakim Simonsson
Engineered by Pål Svenre and Krokodil
Mixed by Krokodil
Mastered by Claes Persson at CRP

Art direction by Animal Project

This records was partly funded by:

01. Dream (1:48)
02. Perfect People (6:12)
03. Koguma - The Little Bear (5:02)
04. A Safe Place (5:52)
05. 3 Feet Above (4:27)
06. The Fridge (5:03)
07. First Sight (2:35)
08. B.R.A.T (1:03)
09. Linaria (2:29)
10. Next Day You're A Clown (4:54)
11. Each Time The Wind Blows (5:04)
12. [Concord] (2:24)
13. Comforting Sounds (5:31)

All compositions by Klas Gullbrand,
except track 2, 3 & 9 by Palle Sollinger
and 4 & 10 by Klas Gullbrand & Palle sollinger.

4 stars
(Ave. rating: 4
from 12 votes.)

# FYR006

This is the second release from the swedish band Krokodil. Krokodil is the result of a collaboration between guitarist Klas Gullbrand and bassplayer Palle Sollinger. They started playing together about two years ago when they both felt a need to create something new and fresh. Two albums and numerous liveshows later, the music is still evolving. Jazz may be their biggest influence but they don't see themselves as a strict jazzband, rather as a band willing to incorporate different attitudes, sounds and ways of playing into their music. Having said that, improvisation and interplay are still a big part of what they do. Somtimes sounding intimate, fragile, melodic, somtimes outbursting, loud, and dramatic, the band always perform music with high presence and intensity.

Klas Gullbrand - guitar, FX & keyboard
Palle Sollinger - double bass, FX & piano
Ola Hultgren - drums & percussion
Fredrik Hermansson - piano

"...all with enough of originality to be worth listening to..."

- Svenska Dagbladet (3 of 6)

"...no matter if Krokodil works as a duo or a trio; they do have a interesting sound..."

- Dagens Nyheter (3 of 5)

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