Release date: May 2nd, 2013

Produced by Sofia Jernberg
Executive producer: Cecilia Persson, Niklas Barnö & Joakim Simonsson
Recorded at Atlantis Studios by Janne Hansson
Mixed and mastered by Göran Stegborn

Design & photo: Jon Edergren/EBCD.

This records was partly funded by:

01. Correct behavior (08:27)
02. The Idiom Song (02:58)
03. Shaped Shiver (05:05)
04. The Dream (04:28)
05 FŚnerier Nr 8 (06:25)
06 Tattis Bounce (04:45)
07 Skimmel (05:38)
08 Sleep (04:15)

01. Climb above the trees
02. The fairy
03. The Idiom Song
04. Visan
05. Ambush
06. Bubblor
07. Ouvertyr
08. Sandpaper
09. Lilla
10. Imma

4.5 stars
(Ave. rating: 4.5
from 4 votes.)

The Third Song Of The Peacock
# FYR024

The first time I listened to Paavo I was floored. The carefully arranged compositions were so full of beautiful harmonies and spontanity that I felt like a little kid in the candy store. The origins of the songs seemed to come from a variety of places - a small piece of Swedish folk music was followed by infernal post rock and the moment after slipping over into gentle improvisation. Sofia Jernberg with her sensitive but still powerful voice experiment creates a unifying link. The piano music played by Cecilia Persson is breathing impressionistic art music and creates a detailed and inspiring foundation for Paavo. - Fredrik Caresten, film maker and producer of "PAAVO" - Live in Rättvik, Dalarna, Sweden DVD

Paavo has earlier released two praised records, the latest Cancó del Paó (2010), in a bigger formation with nine musicians in the ensemble. However, the music history of Paavo has been carried mainly by two persons - Cecilia Persson and Sofia Jernberg. On this third record the music is challenged as the formation has been changed from a smaller big band to a trio (in addition to the band leaders you can hear Fredrik Ljungkvist on saxophone). The result is of course different but still brilliant. It also emphasizes that the music by Sofia and Cecilia is in focus, no matter the arrangement, and it is a proof of something very genuine.

Found You Recordings is very pleased to be able to release this newly recorded trio record in an exclusive box also containing an excellently filmed live concert with full size Paavo. A release containing everything, from the small to the big, literally, picturally as well as musically.

Sofia Jernberg - Vocal
Cecilia Persson - Piano
Fredrik Ljungkvist - Saxophone & Clarinet


Emil Strandberg - Trumpet
Nils Berg - Saxophone & bass-clarine
Thomas Backman - Saxophone & Clarinet
Marcelo Gabard Pazos - Saxophones
Clas Lassbo - Bass
Gustav Nahlin - Drums & Xylophone

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