Release date: October 14, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jon Fält and Petter Hölaas at Intelligent Sound, Kungsängen.

Handwriting by Rasmus Borg
Album Cover and executive production by Patric Thorman

Produced by Duon Som Imploderade

This records was partly funded by:

A1. Ett Salt Gäng (0:41)
A2. A Friendly Chat with the Enemy (5:17)
A3. Offentliga Rum (2:39)
A4: Rocka Röven av Högern (6:20)
A5: Den Arga Kvinnnan på Ambassaden (4:31)

B1: Ett Släktskämt (4:27)
B2: Slut på Tiden (5:02)
B3: Legaliserad Tjuvåkning hos SS (2:58)
B4: Stora Glömskan (3:04)
B5: Abiturient (3:30)

Track A1, A2, A4, B1, B2, B4 and B5 by Niklas Persson. Track A3, A5 and B3 by Patric Thorman. Stim/nCb.

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Duon som Imploderade
Yksi Kaksi
# FYR031LP

Free jazz accomplices Niklas Persson and Patric Thorman are set to release a new record, 'Yksi Kaksi', under the alias Duon Som Imploderade (The Duo That Imploded).

For more than ten years, Thorman's double bass has chased and driven Persson's saxophone on a criss-cross between the octaves. With their guard down, they create multifaceted free jazz, stripped down and sincere with a clear interplay which takes us beyond convention. 'Yksi Kaksi' combines original compositions with solo tracks, during which the musicians are given free reign to explore the possibilities of improvisation. Persson and Thorman offer a colourful chamber-style free jazz, which sets it aside from the mainstream.

Thorman and Persson can also be heard as Kvintetten Som Sprängdes (The Quintette That Exploded), Thorman/Sandell/Strandberg, Seval and Brända Broar (Burnt Bridges).

Niklas Persson - alto and sopranino saxophone
Patric Thorman - double bass

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