Release date: November 16, 2016

Recorded at Pannhuset, Stockholm by Göran Stegborn
Mixed by Fred Lonberg-Holm
Mastered by Martin Siwert

Photo by Knud Lonberg-Holm
Album Cover and executive production by Patric Thorman

Produced by Fred Lonberg-Holm

This records was partly funded by:

A1. Dark Energy (5:23)
A2. How Can We (2:53)
A3. I Am Not Worried (7:21)
B1. I Worry (4:37)
B2. Empty (3:50)
B3. Sound Unspoken (2:35)
B4. We Are Not Alone (6:48)

All music and lyrics by Fred Lonberg-Holm (BMI)

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# FYR033LP

Fragile: The aptly titled third (and final) record from Seval.

Seval started as a nebulous affair. Formed by Sofia Jernberg as a“one-off” project to perform Fred Lonberg-Holm's songs (previously recorded only as instrumentals), it somehow grew and even for a while shone brightly in spite of geographic barriers (Fred is from Chicago while the rest of the group is from Stockholm) .

The songs, treated as source material for improvisations, were delicate and challenging even when played “straight”, let alone pulled apart and re-imagined from night to night and performance to performance. Over time, the song writing became more “tailored” to the ensemble while the continually evolving relationships within the group required new ways of negotiating the music. On “good” nights, this led to the sublime, but as with any group working at the edge of their experiences, there were the inevitable “bad” nights too.

This record, a farewell, shows Seval at their brightest, playing songs about the tenuous bonds that tie us together. What better way to say goodbye than with a kiss and a warm embrace? The members of the group continue to work in various groups both separately and together but... this particular constellation has burned out.

Sofia Jernberg - vocals
Emil Strandberg - trumpet
Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello
David Stackenäs - guitar
Patric Thorman - double-bass

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