Release date: November 16, 2016

Recorded at Pannhuset, Stockholm by Göran Stegborn
Mixed by Fred Lonberg-Holm
Mastered by Martin Siwert

Photo by Knud Lonberg-Holm
Album Cover and executive production by Patric Thorman

Produced by Fred Lonberg-Holm

This records was partly funded by:

A1. Dark Energy (5:23)
A2. How Can We (2:53)
A3. I Am Not Worried (7:21)
B1. I Worry (4:37)
B2. Empty (3:50)
B3. Sound Unspoken (2:35)
B4. We Are Not Alone (6:48)

All music and lyrics by Fred Lonberg-Holm (BMI)