In the year of 2005 the two brothers Andreas and Joakim Simonsson decided to revive the older brother's long time forgotten record label Found You Recordings 1.), in purposes to re-release Joakim's early trio album "Colors" (#FYR002) (earlier released as a CD-R issue on Einnicken Records 2.)) that was sold out and now again in demand at the distributor, Gats Production, in Japan.

The album was released in a proper CD edition of 2000 copies, and here they found them self putting the label in roll again.

Next thing was for Joakim to expand his trio (with bassist Pär-Ola Landin and drummer Daniel Olsson), by adding saxist Joakim Milder and percussionist Thomas Opava. The quintet, later named Pidgin 3.), released "When we still believe in magic" (#FYR003) in October 2005.

Shortly after, Patric Thorman was added to the crew. Their first comission as a team was the highly noticed release of Wildbirds & Peacedrums debut album "Heartcore" (#FYR004). This was after Patric and Joakim found them self being completly blowned away by the group's 4.) performance at Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm.

1.) Found You Recordings released one early album with techno group Trip Poem in 2004 called "The act of life" (#FYR001). Shortly after Andreas Simonsson decided to put the label at rest.

2.) Einnicken Records is an indie label that at this time was run by Joakim himself and saxophone player Stefan Wistand. These days the label is still around but Joakim has dropped out to concentrate on Found You Recordings.

The same moment the band got off stage they were offered to sign a contract and this turned out to be a good and immediate success.

The group was receiving a good number of praisings, the label being sough after and with a number of different bigger labels wanting to sign Wilbirds & Peacedrums, "Heartcore" was finally to be licenced, in late 2007, to indiepop UK record company The Leaf Label and the crew, that had been so far overwhelmed with work, decided to look forward.

Joakim decided it was now time to release the follow-up with his long time, hard working, trio Saga. The group was also at this point re-named to Open Trio.

The album "Goodbye Everytime" (#FYR005) was released during the summer of 2008. Shortly after a number of new acts was presented and released in monthly intervals. Krokodil - "[Concord]" (#FYR006), Nils Janson - "Debut" (#FYR007), Peter Knudsen Trio - "Impressions - A tribute to Ravel & Debussy" (#FYR008).

3.) On the album the group is simply named Joakim Simonsson.

4.) At this point the group was called Boogie.

Patric suggested releasing a series with improvised music and in 2009 it was decided to start of this series by releasing three albums (#FYR009-IS01, #FYR010-IS02 & #FYR011-IS03), with three different artists or groups (David Stackenäs, Two Sounds Ensemble & Strandberg/Sandell/Thorman) on the same date.

The albums were packaged both as individual albums and as a three-album-bundle slipcase box. On February the 8th a three set release concert with all the involved groups took place at Teaterstudio Lederman in Stockholm.

In December the same year Fredrik Nordstrom and his trio (starring Palle Danielsson and Fredrik Rundqvist) released their second album "Mayday" (#FYR012).

In February 2010, offcourse followed up by major praisings, one of Sweden's coolest contemporary young jazzbands, Paavo releases their second album "Cançó del Paó" (#FYR013). During the late summer this year, Joakim Simonsson put together a brand new band, called The Country, who released their first album "The Country" (#FYR014). A few month after this Nils Janson also decided to do a follow up on his debut album and he released his new album "Excavation" (#FYR015).

So far - Simply amazing!